Welcome to Atelier
a New Development Division

Welcome to Atelier,
A New Development Division

Atelier; \ˌa-təl-ˈyā\

"workshop" or "studio"; "the private workshop or studio of a professional, where the principal masters and a number of apprentices collaborate to create refined product and results."

Our Brand Mission

Atelier by Brown Harris Stevens works in concert with Brown Harris Stevens Development Marketing to diversify and expand the venerable Brown Harris Stevens brand by exceeding expectations of A NEW generation of new development clients, from site acquisition through sell-out, with the most robust sales platform available in today’s competitive market.

The Atelier platform was founded to realize our aspiration to authentically connect with our multi-generational clientele by providing a compelling experience and superior level of service within the broad residential development market. To help accomplish this goal, we have established an internal culture of collaboration and respect at the core of our philosophy.

Rooted in the present while paying homage to New York City’s venerable past, Atelier represents the future of real estate. Understanding that we are in the business of people with unique goals and motivated by emotional drivers, we approach each project creatively to ensure the best possible outcome.  No request too big nor too small, our client's success remains our top priority. We are Atelier by Brown Harris Stevens.

Atelier by Brown Harris Stevens

Established in 2017 by NYC real estate industry veterans, in collaboration with talented future industry leaders, Atelier by Brown Harris Stevens is a luxury new development division with a brand focus stemming from first-hand knowledge that real estate is more than merely transactional. With a multi-generational, local, national and international client base, we have a deep understanding of who is driving the market, and which market niches are positioned for growth, expansion, and increasing value. We understand that our market is driven by constantly shifting demographics and cultures; therefore, we are in the business of people as much as real estate. Our focus is not on what’s happening today, but on what’s coming tomorrow, next month, next quarter and annual changes that indicate trends that enable us to best guide our clients to maximize profitability. This is achieved through careful analysis of each of NYC’s micro-markets, and by experienced interpretation of the impact of emerging and future real estate, global and local economic forces, and cultural trends, all of which translate to expert guidance on: building design,amenities, pricing, unit size, unit layout & design and unit mix, as well as finish level and building DNA, branding and marketing.

Led by Wendy Maitland, the division is operated by seasoned experts, each of whom is highly attuned to the nuances and subtleties that inform the fast- paced, constantly changing landscape of New York City’s unique market, micro-markets and secondary markets. Atelier team expertise and scope of services include:

  • Property/Site Acquisition Sourcing & Analytics
  • Research
  • Construction Loan Advisory/Facilitation & Sourcing
  • Creative Branding
  • Pre-Development Strategy & Implementation
  • Project Management
  • Marketing "Soup to Nuts"
  • Sales, including Schedule A Pricing, Strategic Inventory Release, Schedule & Schedule A Pricing Amendment Guidance
  • Design & Architecture Collaboration, including Management of Bid Process & Selection
  • Vendor Supervision/Management on all Outsourced Vendor Services, from Zoning & Tax Experts, to Creative Agencies, to Property Management
  • Re-Positioning of Aging Development Inventory

A carefully crafted, creative approach to each project ensures that every Atelier client receives the highest potential value of his or her asset. Our commitment to accountability and delivering cost-effective solutions are our highest priorities. Our experienced, innate understanding of the complex elements that lead to the highest and best results, and our innovative spirit, combined with heritage and legacy synonymous with the Brown Harris Stevens brand built into our foundation, are what sets Atelier apart.

Brown Harris Stevens Development Marketing

Brown Harris Stevens Development Marketing specializes in the planning, marketing and sales of best-in-class New York City residential developments and conversions. Our division stands apart with proven combined experience that has spanned more than a century, and impressive achievements that encompass over 250 developments and 10,000 new home sales.

Brown Harris Stevens Development Marketing works hand in hand with Christie’s International Real Estate Development Project Marketing on the marketing and sale of leading residential developments in the New York marketplace and thereby, our clients benefit from a seamlessly integrated global sales and marketing platform, and access to the world’s leading auction house, Christie’s.


Letter from Wendy Maitland

Driven to share the thrill of transforming your experience.

 Launched from the most robust sales platform available in today’s competitive market, rooted in the present while paying homage to the city's richly-storied past, Atelier represents the future of real estate. Our brand focus stems from our passionate mission to innovate, to make our clients' projects exceptional and more  profitable, in a healthy, collaborative work environment. We approach each project creatively, understanding our client's needs in depth, to identify the best possible path to attain their goals. We do what we say we are going to do, meaning we  are accountable. We don't pay "lip service"; instead we are honest in our evaluations and assessments. 

We are highly attuned to the subtleties that inform the city's fast-paced, constantly shifting real estate market, and its micro-markets. Our dynamic founding members are savvy brokers, talented agents and gifted future success stories who work collaboratively with a dedicated, select group of professionals in the fields of creative branding, marketing, art, music, design and architecture. Informed by the passion and drive of each of our members, Atelier's unique culture is in the DNA of our methodology and translates to extraordinary results in our work with and for you. Atelier's top priority is to provide outstanding service in order to create unequivocal success for each of our clients.

I'm delighted to welcome you to Atelier by Brown Harris Stevens, and am eager to work with you to help realize your vision. Get in touch to discover the Atelier difference. I look forward to hearing from you soon!

"Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you Everywhere."

-Albert Einstein

Thank You,
Wendy Maitland